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Get actionable insights from your data with an all-in-one analytics platform.

Do more with your data with Dashboard Analytics

Collecting data from the field is only the first step. Analytics give you actionable insights from your mobile forms data. Monitor functions that are critical to your business, track progress over time, and see the full picture of what is happening across the organization.

Device Magic’s Analytics Dashboard gives you an intuitive, all-in-one solution for collecting and analyzing your data. Data doesn’t need to be exported into another system in order to be analyzed, saving you the added costs for third-party software or a data analyst.

The easy-to-use Analytics tool lets you quickly create charts and graphs to help review your data and use it to identify trends, find areas for improvement and make better business decisions. Learn more about using our Analytics tool in the Device Magic Help Center.

Build Custom Analytics Dashboards

Create multiple dashboards and charts for your data. Choose from a variety of charts, including pie, table and geolocation, and customize how your data will be displayed. Any data that is in your Device Magic database can be used to generate charts. Configure your chart by choosing a source, which is the form and fields you want to pull data from. See a preview of what the chart will look like before you finish creating it, so you can make adjustments if necessary.

Creating a chart will add it to your Analytics Dashboard. You also have the option to arrange how charts are displayed, and can copy or move them to another Dashboard. Charts can be exported, making reporting on and sharing your results even easier.

Analytics is available within the Management Console for qualifying Enterprise accounts.


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