Going Paperless is Simple with Easy to use Features.

Collect Data without an Internet Connection.

With Device Magic's mobile forms software, you get the power of offline mobile forms. Our native iOS and Android apps don’t require cellular coverage to operate and are fully functional offline. That means no matter where you are, your data is captured and submitted.

Whether you’re at the job site, on the roof, under the house, or on a boat, you can count on Device Magic to function flawlessly.

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Offline Mobile Forms
mobile form builder

Converting Your Paperwork into Mobile Forms is as Easy as Drag and Drop.

Quickly recreate your checklists, inspection forms, maintenance requests, time cards, and more by using the Device Magic mobile form builder. Simply drag and drop to add, remove, and reorder your questions.

There’s almost no limit to what you can do. Include open text fields, images, formula fields, geo-tagging, bar codes, and more. No coding or IT help required.

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Easy to Use Integrations Means Saying “Goodbye” to the Days of Re-Entering Data.

Device Magic is immediately ready to work with the tools your organization is already using. We've built integrations with Google Drive, Box, Slack, SQL, and more right into Device Magic.

Simply authenticate your account, walk through a quick set-up, and start submitting mobile forms data directly into your existing systems.

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mobile forms integrations

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powerful form fields

Easily Collect and Submit Data that was Complicated Before.

Gone are the days of poorly drawn sketches, mock-ups on reports, or missing signatures. With Device Magic, you can take a picture from the field, draw on the image with your finger, and automatically store it online.

Plus, you can ensure that you keep your business running efficiently by capturing signatures on the job or in the field, right on your mobile device.

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Automate Entire Workflows with a Single Form.

Device Magic's mobile forms software gives you the ability to streamline those clunky paper processes.

Deliver photos to your Dropbox account, push a text message to a supervisor, email a completed invoice to a customer, even dispatch another form – all by submitting a single form.

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mobile forms workflow
mobile forms data delivery

Deliver Your Data in Whatever Format You Need.

Control not only where your data ends up but how it looks when it gets there.

Whether you need a professional looking invoice sent as a PDF with your logo or data delivered right into your project management tool, it’s all possible with Device Magic's mobile forms software.

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Fill Out Mobile Forms on a Device, Laptop, or Desktop.

Mobile forms are great for your remote employees. But what about the people who are in the office? They need access to the same forms but are working on a laptop. No problem.

The Device Magic Web App allows users to complete your mobile forms on a computer from within a web browser. That means your entire workforce can access the mobile forms you create.

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Device Magic Web APP
User roles & Permissions

Control Who Has Access to Which Forms.

You decide which devices are attached to your account and which forms each teammate can access.

Once you create a form on your account, you can share it across all of the devices associated with your account. Or you can choose to make the form available to only certain devices.

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