An Enterprise Mobile Forms & Data Collection Solution

An Enterprise Data Collection Solution

Eliminate paperwork, improve data quality & increase workflow efficiency by using mobile forms for data collection & delivery.

Accurate and timely data is critical. All data collection and processing methods do not provide equal results. For example, collecting data with a paper form takes up to 5 days to get data to its destination. Even then, there’s the risk of errors made during data entry, or worse, forms getting lost or damaged.

Collecting data using multiple tools that aren’t integrated is extremely inefficient. Using or transferring data to another format is difficult, which slows down business processes. In some cases, critical data isn’t collected at all due to adverse conditions, non-compliance or lack of technical support.

Mobile forms and data collection apps, such as Device Magic, replace paperwork, legacy or non-existent data collection processes and transmit data immediately to the destination, allowing for automation of business workflows in a secure, scalable way.

Device Magic’s web-based custom form building software makes creating mobile forms easy, so you can accurately and efficiently collect the data you need, saving your organization time and money. You can easily build advanced workflows, enterprise integrations, and on-site systems that seamlessly weave mobile submissions into your existing data flow, without requiring coding or extensive technical knowledge.

Key Features of Mobile Forms

Device Magic gives you the flexibility to replace your existing processes and automate them with mobile forms. Send data in real-time from anywhere on a mobile device.

unlimited forms

Unlimited Storage & Submissions

With unlimited forms, submissions, data & file storage, and paid devices, our mobile forms solution is built to meet the demands of your business now and to support future growth.

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native apps

Native iOS & Android Apps

Device Magic's data collection app is designed to work on your mobile devices, making it easy to complete and submit forms. You can take photos within forms, add notes or even sketch on the photo, track your location, and more.

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Collect Data Without a Connection

Device Magic's mobile forms software is fully functional offline, so you can capture and submit data whether you’re at the jobsite, on the road, or in the office with offline mobile forms.

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Device Magic mobile form builder software

How to Create Mobile Forms

Mobile forms can be built and deployed to the desired team’s or employee’s mobile device(s) by using a web-based drag-and-drop form builder.

A flexible, feature-rich form builder makes it easy to learn how to build and use mobile forms so that you can create new forms, or recreate digital versions of paper forms currently being used.

Users can create custom forms with easy to organize drag and drop elements, and even see a preview of the form on a mobile device.

Types of Form Fields

Within the form fields, you can set rules and expressions for questions to require a certain value, calculate the difference between two answers, narrow down the results for easier selection, and more.

  • Geo-tagging
  • Formula Fields
  • Sketch
  • Multiple Select Questions
  • Images
  • Free Text Fields
  • Filterable Select Questions
  • Yes/No Questions
  • Barcodes
  • Signatures
  • Calculated Questions
  • Time Questions
  • Repeat Groups
  • Date Questions
  • Single Select Questions
  • Subforms & more

Send Forms to Your Team in the Field with Dispatch.

  • Send forms with pre-populated data to notify employees in the field or on the road of new tasks.
  • Automate workflows so that the submission of one form triggers another form to be sent.

Monitor your team's submissions, form errors, devices and more.

  • Activity Dashboard
  • Real-Time Submissions Graph
  • Weekly Activity Reports

Set up resources to reference live or
uploaded data.

  • Within in the Dashboard, upload a PDF, image or Excel file to reference during form building.
  • Once saved, your field workers will be able to access the resource from their mobile device.

Fill out mobile forms on a device, laptop or desktop.

  • With the Web App, users can complete mobile forms on a desktop or laptop from within a web browser.
  • Complete forms on mobile devices and on a laptop or desktop.

Device Magic allows you to customize the way you use and see the product.

  • Add your company's branding to your Device Magic app.
  • Create a custom template to deliver data to any Destination.
  • Deliver to a specific Destination based on certain conditions from answers in the form.

IT approved product with secure data

  • On Device Encryption (iOS)
  • In-Transit Data Encryption
  • Active Directory Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Custom API Configuration

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