Mobile Forms for Food Equipment Service Companies

Enable your techs to complete maintenance forms on their mobile devices from the job to better serve your customers and streamline your business processes.

Get completed maintenance and installation forms back from the job instantly.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. With Device Magic, you can turn your maintenance and installation paperwork into digital, mobile forms that your techs complete on the job.

Completed forms are instantly delivered to your office in whatever format you need. Whether that’s a completed PDF sent to an email address or a batch of pictures delivered to your cloud storage account, it’s done as soon as your tech hits “Submit”.

Food equipment service companies that service cooking, refrigeration, warewashing, and more, have used Device Magic to improve data collection and save hours of time on each job.

  • Complete forms without an internet connection. Device Magic gives your techs the power of offline mobile forms. No internet connection is needed to complete a form.
  • Track date, time, and location. Geo-tagging and time-stamp data fields let you track when your team visits a job site and tracks where they’ve been.
  • Collect images and signatures on-site. Need pictures from a job site or sign off in the field? We can do that too! Our signature and picture fields allow you to collect multiple images or signatures, as needed.
  • Get data quickly! Stop waiting for techs to drop by the office to turn in paperwork. With Device Magic, you get the information you need more quickly so you can make business decisions right away.
  • Eliminate missing forms and data entry issues. If lost, incomplete, or illegible paperwork is a common occurrence your office, Device Magic’s mobile forms can help. Conditional logic and required fields make sure the right data is collected every time.
  • Send Customized PDFs. Send completed forms to the office and/or to customers in a format they expect with our many data destinations.

We can even convert your existing form for you—just ask!

Contact our sales team or call (855) 257-9650 to learn more! 

Case Study: Food Equipment Service Company

Learn how Restaurant Equipment Service Group LLC uses Device Magic to save 12 hours of time each week and $15,000 a year.

Device Magic is trusted by amazing organizations worldwide.

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