Offline mobile forms. No network required.

Device Magic gives you the power of offline mobile forms. The iOS and Android apps don’t require cellular coverage to operate and are fully functional offline.

Mobile forms — online or offline

Our customers work across many environments, many of which don’t have reliable network coverage.  Whether you’re in the office, at the job site, on the roof, under the house, or on a boat in the ocean, you can count on Device Magic to function flawlessly.  We’ll store your data inputs on your phone and submit the data to your Device Magic account the next time you’re connected to net.

User mobile forms anywhere.

Offline mobile form functionality truly unlocks the power of the mobile worker.   Once freed from the tether of an net connection, you have the freedom and flexibility gather data and do your work on your terms.  No need for clumsy hotspots and trying in vain to get a signal — just use Device Magic and have the confidence that your data is safe, secure, and organized online.

Mobile Forms & Surveys enable Offline Data Collection

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Mobile Forms for iPhone, iPad, Android, and BlackBerry

See How Mobile Forms can Work for your Business


Use Device Magic to build and send custom mobile forms to a smartphone or tablet, where your fleet can fill them out on the go.

Building Services

Perform inspections and audits on site and impress your team, your manager, and your customers.

Property Management

Enable building inspectors, surveyors, and site inspectors to complete mobile forms on site.

Service Companies

Have a team in the field? Mobile forms keep data flowing from your team to wherever you need it to go.

Foodservice Equipment

Get completed maintenance and installation forms back from the job instantly.