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Device Magic's mobile forms app works on Android, BlackBerry, iPhone and iPad devices. Download the app for free from your app store of choice.

Mobile forms on all mobile devices.

Device Magic offers native applications for leading mobile platforms — Android, Blackberry, and iOS.  (Windows Phone is under development and set to launch soon.)  The installation and set up process is fast and easy — download, provide some basic information, and your all set.  We even make it easy to invite your colleagues to join your account so that all of your co-workers’ devices have access to the same forms and can submit data to the same account.

Mobile Forms & Surveys enable Offline Data Collection

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Mobile Forms for iPhone, iPad, Android, and BlackBerry

See How Mobile Forms can Work for your Business


Use Device Magic to build and send custom mobile forms to a smartphone or tablet, where your fleet can fill them out on the go.

Building Services

Perform inspections and audits on site and impress your team, your manager, and your customers.

Property Management

Enable building inspectors, surveyors, and site inspectors to complete mobile forms on site.

Service Companies

Have a team in the field? Mobile forms keep data flowing from your team to wherever you need it to go.

Foodservice Equipment

Get completed maintenance and installation forms back from the job instantly.