Permissions, Security, and Form Dispatch made easy

Device Magic makes form collaboration easy. As an administrator, you can control which devices are attached to your account, which forms each teammate can access, and even send forms directly to certain devices.

Many devices, many platforms, same account.

Team collaboration comes naturally with Device Magic.  Easily invite your colleagues to your account, regardless of their mobile device or operating system.  (Device Magic supports Andriod, Blackberry, and iOS.)  Once you invite them, your colleagues will receive an email or SMS notification with detailed instructions for joining your account.

Share forms and detailed permissions.

Once you create a form on your account, you can share it across all of the devices associated with your account.  Or you can choose to make the form available for only certain devices.  For example, the field team might have access to different forms than the warehouse team — but all of the forms report to the same online interface.

Create team workflows and notifications.

Need to notify the fulfillment team that you just made a sale?  No worries! Complete the new sales form and automatically notify your friends in fulfillment so that they can get to work on taking care of your new client.

Dispatch forms to your team in the field.

Need to notify someone in the field of a new job? Available for enterprise level accounts, the dispatch feature allows you to send partially completed forms to your team in the field. Send a form with a job site and other key details pre-populated in the form; then, once your service person arrives, they finish filling out the form and submit it.

Mobile Forms & Surveys enable Offline Data Collection

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Mobile Forms for iPhone, iPad, Android, and BlackBerry

See How Mobile Forms can Work for your Business


Use Device Magic to build and send custom mobile forms to a smartphone or tablet, where your fleet can fill them out on the go.

Building Services

Perform inspections and audits on site and impress your team, your manager, and your customers.

Property Management

Enable building inspectors, surveyors, and site inspectors to complete mobile forms on site.

Service Companies

Have a team in the field? Mobile forms keep data flowing from your team to wherever you need it to go.

Foodservice Equipment

Get completed maintenance and installation forms back from the job instantly.