Mobile forms, for the enterprise.

Build advanced workflows, enterprise integrations, and on-site systems.

Enterprise level companies are leading the charge in moving to paperless systems—they are actively working to scan paper forms and convert old records for digital data systems.

But they also need to find a mobile data collection solution, a way to collect data that starts out (and stays) digital so it never needs to be converted.

And that’s where Device Magic comes in.

Integrate Device Magic with your current system with HTTP XML outputs and a full access API, or install it on-premise for maximum security.

We even offer a dispatch feature, for teams who need to send jobs out to field service teams on the go!

Integrate Mobile Forms into your existing architecture with the Device Magic API and our HTTP XML Destination.

Sending data from Device Magic into your existing database is easy if you have your own IT team with access to our API and our HTTP XML destination.

These tools provide endpoints that enable our customers to build custom integrations and seamlessly weave Device Magic into their existing data flow.

You can read detailed documentation in the Developer API section of our Knowledge Base.

Get top level security with on-premise installations, supported by Device Magic.

For larger clients with specific data requirements—e.g. financial institutions, healthcare organizations, government agencies, etc.—we’re happy to discuss on-premise implementations. We’ll install the Device Magic system on a dedicated box behind your firewall and help you enable a standalone environment in order to meet the strict data storage security regulations required in your industry.

Dispatch Forms to Users In the Field

Forget making employees stop by the office each day or between jobs to pick up and drop off paperwork—with Device Magic’s Dispatch feature you can send the forms they need for each job right to their phone or tablet.

Fill out the job type and street address, or any other fields you want to pre-populate, then send the forms to their mobile device. They can finish filling out the form and re-submit it to you. Data transfers wirelessly and seamlessly, saving your employees time, while allowing them to handle more jobs and put in more billable hours.

Mobile Forms & Surveys enable Offline Data Collection

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See How Mobile Forms can Work for your Business


Use Device Magic to build and send custom mobile forms to a smartphone or tablet, where your fleet can fill them out on the go.

Building Services

Perform inspections and audits on site and impress your team, your manager, and your customers.

Property Management

Enable building inspectors, surveyors, and site inspectors to complete mobile forms on site.

Service Companies

Have a team in the field? Mobile forms keep data flowing from your team to wherever you need it to go.

Foodservice Equipment

Get completed maintenance and installation forms back from the job instantly.