Mobile Forms for Facilities Management: Perform Digital Inspections

Mobile Forms for Facilities Management

Device Magic mobile forms software is used across the globe by thousands of organizations every day. Our mobile forms for facilities management companies help digitize preventive maintenance checklists, work orders, facility safety inspection checklists and more. Not only does this simplify data collection and reporting processes, but it also makes data more accessible via digital communication and storage methods.

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Property management companies often complete routine forms, like safety and status reports. These companies may also have more customized forms for things like training or parts orders. Facilities management companies benefit from mobile forms when they need field reps in multiple locations and buildings to quickly collect and report data back to the head office. Even when all staff is in one large building or campus, like a resort, digital forms help speed up processes and information organization.

Digital Forms for Facility Management

  • Preventive Maintenance Checklists
  • Satisfaction Surveys
  • Facility Safety Inspection Checklists
  • Maintenance Work Orders
  • Grounds and Parking Inspections

Completing forms on mobile devices lets facilities management staff stay focused, organized and productive. Submitted forms are instantly sent to the office, to managers via email or text, or to other custom destinations. Mobile forms can even contain information like photos, coordinates and signatures to help teams and processes collaborate.

Managers and administrators in your organization determine what fields should be used, and build the forms. The mobile form builder also allows for conditional, if-this-then-that logic. Administrators are able to set up custom form destinations and file type output, such as a custom PDF form. Destinations can also be conditional based on responses in the form.

Device Magic mobile forms app used for facility management work

Digital Facilities Management Forms App

Build custom forms that field reps complete in the mobile forms app. Submit rich data from any jobsite. Collect info from free response, multiple choice and calculated questions. Geo-tag locations to keep track of where you are in the field. Add timestamps to know exactly when and where an incident took place.

Device Magic mobile forms submission creating a property management price quote

Eliminate Wait Time and Missed Revenue

When your techs complete a quote on their device, it's automatically sent to your quotes team and your organization's connected cloud-storage accounts. Use forms automation and custom data destinations to process invoices and work orders faster, and get more done each day simply by reducing wait time and lag time.

capture images and input sketches in the Device Magic Forms app

Capture Images, Sketches & Signatures

Capture photos of equipment or a jobsite, time stamps or signatures directly in a form. Use sketch on top of photos to add instructions and annotations, then submit to share automatically. Collect signatures and other critical work information right on your mobile device, and have the entire form delivered as a customized PDF.

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How Restaurant Equipment Service Group Enhanced its Service with Mobile Forms

Restaurant Equipment Service Group, a top source for cooking, refrigeration, warewashing, HVAC, beverage and ice machine maintenance and repair, serves major manufacturers in Illinois, southeast Wisconsin, Indiana, Missouri and Massachusetts. In 2013, the company turned to Device Magic in an effort to reduce paperwork, perform more efficient inspections, and save time and money.

When IT and Asset Manager Evan Davis first began at Restaurant Equipment Service Group, he found the established data collection processes to be time-consuming, error-prone and heavily dependent on paper. Three months after starting a free Device Magic account, the company was using 40 devices to collect and transfer a variety of data, such as information pertaining to vehicle and equipment inspections. With Device Magic mobile forms, the group could design customized forms for gathering this inspection data, as well as set up automatic, formatted emails for followup.

Since then, Restaurant Equipment Service Group has created over 35 different Device Magic forms on more than 90 devices for processes including: part requests, preventative maintenance checklists, job site safety inspections, quality control, restaurant safety inspection checklists and service quotes.

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Evan Davis, IT and Asset Management
Restaurant Equipment Service Group LLC

Orange quotations Device Magic is much more intuitive and easy to use than other field management applications. I’d say we’re saving 12 hours of time each week, between myself and our techs, which translates into a yearly savings between $15,000 - $18,000."

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Restaurant Equipment Services Kitchen after using mobile forms for facilities management

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