Mobile Forms for Utility Work: Improve Data Collection with Device Magic

Mobile Forms for Energy & Utilities

Device Magic is a mobile forms software used daily by thousands of organizations worldwide. Many energy and utilities companies enjoy the simplicity of automating data collection and forms management with Device Magic. Our software helps make job reports, safety surveys, work orders, and other forms paperless. Streamline the collection and communication of business information from the field with mobile forms.

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Utility and energy companies often communicate progress and data from the field back to the office. Oil and Gas companies perform work in remote areas, and have lots of data to collect and track. Utility companies have field workers that are on-the-go serving customers or making sure their service stays consistent. Mobile forms software provides a way for workers in these industries to capture and report data from anywhere, all from their mobile devices.

Digital Forms for Energy and Utilities

  • Maintenance Surveys
  • Progress Reports
  • Site and Safety Inspection Checklists
  • Vehicle Logs and Reviews
  • Equipment Inspections

Completing digital forms on mobile devices allows information to be shared instantly with the office, managers at other sites, or secure file storage systems. Rich data like photos, coordinates, and even signatures can be collected with Device Magic's field data collection app.

A mobile forms solution allows administrators in the office to determine what fields should be used to collect data in energy and utilities forms. The mobile forms app also gives field techs a simplified form interface to fill and complete forms on iOS and Android devices.

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Complete Forms on the App

Build custom forms that field reps complete in the mobile forms app. Submit rich data from any jobsite. Collect info from free response, multiple choice, and calculated questions. Geo-tag locations to keep track of where you are in the field. Add timestamps to know exactly when and where an incident took place.

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Integrate with Your Current Systems

Device Magic is immediately able to work with your current tools and systems using the integrations we've built. Use our Zapier integration to connect additional apps and automate your workflows. Or use the Device Magic API to configure custom Destinations.

capture images and input sketches in the Device Magic Forms app

Capture Images, Sketches & Signatures

Include time-stamped photos of equipment or a jobsite directly in a form. Use sketch to add context and annotations, then store it online automatically. Capture manager and customer signatures right on your mobile device, then have the entire form delivered as a custom PDF.

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How Greenewable Solar Went Digital with Device Magic

As an energy company installing solar panels in Pakistan, Greenewable Solar often works in remote rural areas. Manually writing a recording data in the past was a tedious and slow process. They needed a way for their field installation teams to report status and progress digitally, in real-time. They started a pilot test of Device Magic with a smaller subset of their organization before rolling out mobile forms to their entire team.
Greenewable Solar techs installing solar panels in a field
Once they started collecting data digitally, Greenewable was able to track real-time data at each stage of their solar installations. They can be sure that each step of the process is done correctly, and have record to refer back to for completed installations. Device Magic gave them a solution that was already built and handled their needs. With mobile forms, Greenewable implemented a field data collection solution that they could use offline in remote areas. Mobile forms also helped them improve data accuracy and overall quality of their service.

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Shazim Chhapra, CEO,
Greenewable Solar

Orange quotations A lot of our work is highly distributed. We’re scattered all throughout the country. We were doing a lot of the work manually, and that’s when we realized that we needed certain tools and we needed to use technology to allow us to do our jobs more efficiently, and be able to track things better. That’s where Device Magic came in.”

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