Turning Paper Forms into Mobile Forms VISUALIZED.

Real-time data capture from the field to the office. Offline mobile data capture. Going paperless. There are plenty of different ways to describe what a mobile forms solution does for an organization. But you know what’s easier than describing something? Showing.

Check out this new infographic we put together that illustrates just what Device Magic can do for you.

Ditch the paperwork.

eliminate-paper-formsDevice Magic frees you from the tethers of paperwork and the amount of time its processes take (re: wastes). In the most simplistic terms, Device Magic allows you to turn your paperwork into mobile forms. Use Device Magic to collect data on your mobile device without an Internet connection and deliver it to the office in real-time. Not only does Device Magic eliminate your paperwork, it also improves data quality and increases efficiency. We make it simple to collect and submit the information that was complicated before — like photographs, audio recordings and bar codes. Collect and submit your data once and it’s delivered where you need it, in whatever format you need it in.


Easily collect information that was complicated before.

Recreate your checklists, inspection forms, maintenance requests, time cards, and more using the Device Magic mobile form builder. We make it easy to collect data that was difficult before. Requiring a certain value for a question. Calculating the difference between two answers. Narrowing down results for easier selection. All of this is possible when building your mobile forms. Calculated questions, validation rules, and filterable selection questions all come fully baked into the drag and drop functionality of the Device Magic mobile form builder.

Forget hotspots and wifi connections. Work entirely offline.

Our users work across many environments, many of which don’t have reliable network coverage. Whether you’re in the office, at the job site, on the roof, under the house, or on a boat, you can count on Device Magic to function flawlessly. Our native iOS and Android apps don’t require cellular coverage to operate and are fully functional offline.

Enjoy the freedom to gather data and do your work on your terms. No need for unreliable hotspots or trying in vain to get a signal — just use Device Magic and have the confidence that your data is safe, secure, and organized online.

Submit data electronically in real-time from the field to the office.

No more duplicating work. Image that! Whether it’s photos from the job, a completed inspection form sent as a PDF, or sales data entered into your CRM, it can call be delivered to the platforms you use as soon as it’s collected. No more re-entering handwritten notes into a computer or waiting for paperwork to come in.submit-forms-online

No matter where you customers or colleagues are, a mobile forms solution keeps everyone connected. Deliver photos to your Dropbox account, push a text message to a supervisor, or email a completed invoice to a customer — all by submitting one form.

Of course, the last thing you want is another system to manage. That’s why Device Magic is ready right out of the box to integrate with the tools your organization is already using. We’ve built integrations with Google Docs, Box, Dropbox, Podio, Slack, Evernote, and more.

Get your data in whatever format you need it in.

deliver-dataControl not only where your data ends up but how it looks when it gets there. Whether you need a professional looking invoice sent as a PDF with your logo or data delivered right into your project management tool, it’s all possible with Device Magic.



Check out the complete process in action with this infographic.

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