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Top 5 Accessories & Apps for Field Crews

Posted by Brett Long

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When you do most of your work in the field and can’t always get back to the office, you need the right tools to stay productive and connected. Mobile forms are one way to save time when you’re on the road or out at a job site, and these other accessories and apps for field crews will help to get more done and keep work moving forward no matter where you are.

Try these 5 essential accessories and apps for field crews.

1. LifeProof Phone Case

LifeProof phone cases let you bring your device wherever you go, without having to worry about it being damaged. This is important if your company has a bring your own device policy, and your device is being used for both personal and professional purposes. LifeProof also makes cases for tablets, so no matter what kind of device your team needs, you can be sure its safe when used in the field or on a job site. LifeProof cases protect against water, snow, dirt, and even keep devices safe from a 6.6 foot drop.

2. Gas Tracker+ for Mileage Tracking

Whether its a few vehicles or a whole fleet, the Gas Tracker+ app by Fuelly let’s you manage your gas mileage and fuel expenses. The app allows you to track multiple vehicles, making it a good fit for businesses and one of the useful apps for field crews. You can record fill-up information such as gallons and price, or add notes, compare fuel efficiency and learn about how driving habits impact gas mileage. You can also add in vehicle maintenance to the app, so you can keep track of necessary service. The app is integrated with, which can help you to keep track of fuel expenses.

3. Power Bank

Out of the office, but not out of power. The last thing you want is to run out of juice while out on the road. With 20,000mAh of power, this top-rated Anker Portable Charger can charge an iPhone 7 6.5 times over before needing a recharge, and is compact enough to fit in your pocket. This charger has two ports to allow simultaneous charging for two devices. It also has universal compatibility, so will work to charge whatever devices your team is using in the field.

4. 1Weather: Widget Forecast Radar

Don’t let the weather foul your work schedule. Being out in the field demands a more robust weather widget. 1Weather fits the bill as an app for field crews. This app provides hourly, daily, and 10 day extended forecasts for your current location and up to 12 additional locations, severe weather alerts and all current conditions, including wind speed, visibility, UV index, dew point, and more.

5. Evernote

Hold that thought! Capture every note, thought, or change in plans. Evernote has become many things to many different people, but its note-taking and sync capabilities, combined with its ability to plot location-based entries, makes it indispensable for field work. With Evernote and Device Magic, you can send data from your mobile forms directly to your Evernote account where it will be available immediately.

Stop worrying about how you’ll collect data in the field. We’ve got you covered.

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