Sneak Peek: New Form Builder Coming Soon!

Coming Soon SignIt’s been over a year since we last updated the Device Magic Form Builder… and we decide it was time for an upgrade!

Until now, our focus with our form builder has been mostly on function—we wanted it to WORK. But as we’ve grown, it’s become equally important that the form builder is easy-to-use, so that users can learn to use it and can build their own forms.

And so our form builder is getting a facelift. Today, I’m excited to give you a sneak peek at what the new form builder will look like and some of the great features it’ll offer.

You should have the option to manually switch yourself over by the end of next week and everyone else will be upgraded shortly thereafter.

New, More User-Friendly Design

Back in July we deployed a new brand image and website; now the form builder will be updated to match.


form builder new design screenshot


The new interface makes it easy to understand what form fields you have to choose from, which are currently part of your form, and what your options are for each field.

Adding fields is as simply as choosing a field type from the list on the left and dragging it into the “add fields” section. All the field options for each field type will appear in the field to the right.

Smoother Drag & Drop For Form Fields

drag and drop form builder

While the form builder has offered drag and drop functionality for a long time now, it sometimes doesn’t operate quite as smoothly as might be desired, especially when it comes to repeat groups and subforms.

The new form builder will offer a much smoother drag and drop experience, working intuitively, just as you’d expect.

Streamlined Expression & Conditional Editors

form builder expressions and conditional fields screenshot

Our expression editor and conditional editor are each undergoing a major upgrade in the new form builder. The new design displays sortable, selectable options and a much larger text box for viewing the conditions and expressions you set up.

Same Great Function: Integrates Seamlessly With Old Forms

form builder screenshot

No worries if you already have a ton of forms built in the current form builder—the new form builder was created in such a way that old forms will remain completely functional and editable!

New iPad & Tablet Form Builder

Device Magic form builder on ipad

Using the current form builder on a tablet can get a bit messy. It was never truly optimized to allow for form creation on those devices. The new form builder, however, is completely tablet-friendly. You’ll get the same great experience whether you’re building or editing forms on a computer or a tablet!

Excited? Stay Tuned!

We’re expecting to make the new form builder live across all accounts later this month—in the meantime, you should have the option to manually switch yourself over by the end of next week.

Make sure you’re notified when it launches—sign up for our newsletter below!



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