Save Your Completed Forms in the Field & Upload them back at the Office

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Did you know that Device Magic’s Mobile Forms app can save numbers of submitted forms while you’re in an area with no network connectivity?

Did you know it can then upload all these forms simultaneously when you go back online?

Well, now you do. And it’s true.

This means that, when you spend the day traveling to different sites where the network connectivity isn’t up to scratch, you can still save all the important information to your forms in offline mode.

Then, when you get back to the office – or to any place with better network coverage – you can submit all the forms from that day. All at once.

Say goodbye to the worries about forgetting important bits of information, and the tediousness that comes with submitting one form at a time (which is exacerbated when there are a high number of forms)…

All you need is an account with Device Magic and you’re set. So, sign up (if you haven’t already) and enjoy the benefits of multiple form submissions that Device Magic has to offer.

Happy submitting,

Device Magic Team

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  • julio


    The forms are disappearing me the time to send and fails to nowhere and this causes me a great loss, please i need answer

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