PDF Connector now available

We know many of you have been asking for this for a while, so we’re pleased to announce that our PDF Connector is now up and running and available on all plans. Just look out for this icon next time you’re adding connectors to your forms!

Some things you may want to know:

  • This is a v1 and we’ll be enhancing it over time to allow some customization via a graphic logo.
  • It supports repeat group data automatically.
  • Images, signatures and sketches are supported.

Going forward, we’ll also be adding a template option so you can configure exactly how you want the PDF to look. How would you like to see this working? Some ideas we’ve had are:

  • Supply a template via HTML
  • Supply an MS Word Doc, using special markup to denote where to insert fields (similar to our existing e-mail template system).
  • As above, but with a PDF document instead of MS Word
  • Link the connector to a Google Doc which operates as above

Let us know here in the comments or via our support channels.

Happy collecting,
Device Magic Team

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  • Ed

    Brilliant idea, and sounds perfect. Does the PDF get emailed or saved to the device?

    • dusanb

      Hi Ed

      Thanks for your comment. The PDF can be e-mailed to a configured address, to an address supplied in the form, or both.


  • Sean

    I use Forms to compile a number of reports throughout the week to be compiled into a single summary report on Monday morning. It would be great to be able to export multiple form submissions at once into a single PDF report that I could then send directly.

    • dusanb

      Sean – thanks for taking the time to comment. This isn’t something the current connector infrastructure can handle, but we’ll look into it. Have you considered sending the data to a Google Spreadsheet where you can save as PDF thereafter? I would be interested to know if that would work for you.

  • Ed

    Excellent – I have now configured this as a connector on one of my forms.

    On a side note, I only seem to be able to add 2 conditions to set a field to visible. Is this normal?

  • dusanb

    Ed – unfortunately yes – this is a limitation of our current designer.

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