New Visual Feature Enhancements to the Online Store Connector

We are all familiar with the visual features we can add to our forms. Images, GPS locations – these visual features add a dynamic to the mobile forms and make the recording of information all the more interactive and personalized.

To make these well-used features more enjoyable, we, the Device Magic Team, have added some enhancements that we want you to know about!

Enhancements Image1    Enhancements Image2

These new enhancements allow you to plot the submission of forms (including location questions or fields that have been geo-stamped) on a Google Map.

Enhancements Image3

As you can see above, points of interest are indicated. The map can also be viewed in full screen mode by clicking the button marked “Fullscreen”.

Enhancements Image4a

Form data can then be displayed by clicking on one of the marked points on the map.

Enhancements Image4

And, lastly, this form data also includes a clickable image link, which opens your image in a new tab, like so

Enhancements Image 5

We hope you find these enhancements useful. Let us know what you think!

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