New Sketch Features Now On Android

Remember that post about the Sketch Question’s new features? Well, now those features are available on Android!

Just to recap, the new Sketch Question features are:

– Draw on an Image (you can take your own photo or select one from an album)

You can use this feature to upload an image and draw on it with the pen. For example, if you  needed to write up a damage report of a car for an insurance claim, you could take a picture of the car and use the pen to indicate the damage.


– New Pen Colors (now there is a range of black, red, green and white)

You can use this feature to draw on backgrounds of any color or to color-code aspects of the image. Continuing with the example above, you can change the color of the pen to indicate damage from a previous accident that was not repaired and damage from the current accident.


If you have any thoughts you’d like to share, or questions you’d like us to answer, feel free to leave a comment!

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