New Feature: Repeat Groups

Today I’m going to walk you through a very useful feature that we’ve just released.  Repeat groups are like sub-forms that you can complete multiple times.  Think, for example, of an order form, where you don’t know ahead of time how many different types of items someone will be ordering.  Or a medical survey, where you need to capture a list of medications and doses, many times over.

The designer now has a new button to add a repeat group, at the bottom of the Toolbox:

Repeat Group Button Placement

Once you’ve clicked it, you can add inputs inside it, as with a normal form.  I’ve built an order form example to illustrate:

Order Form in Designer

When you open the form on your device, this is what you’ll see (I’ve started filling in the details of the person placing the order):

Order Form on iPhone

Now you can click the “Add Answer” button for each item that’s being ordered.  The items will the appear in the list:

Order form with 2 items

Press the Edit button for each item to fill in the details:

Order form item sub-form

I’ve set up e-mail and Google Spreadsheet connections to show you what the result is when you do this submission.  I did 2 submissions, the first was an order for 2 items, the second an order for 3 items.  First the spreadsheet:

Order form spreadsheet result full size

And the e-mail for the first submission:

Order form e-mail new



We’re sure you’ll find this feature very useful, we’ve certainly had a great time creating it.  Let us know what you think!

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