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When we launched our new website last July we knew that was only the first step in moving to a new, more modern design. Then in December we updated our Form Builder, making it easier to use and improving the drag and drop function, the expressions and conditional editor, and making it tablet-friendly.

Today I’m excited to share that part 3 of our redesign is almost ready!

This time we’re refreshing your mobile forms dashboard and interface. We’ve made an number of improvements with the goal of a more useable, useful, and visually consistent design.

Easier to Navigate & Personalize


With a new left-hand navigation menu, it will soon be easier than ever to find the page you need when you need it.

The new top of the page menu will show you where you are within the website, any critical alerts that need to be taken care of (such as a new device waiting to be approved), a settings tab, and your personal user information.

Now Responsive (Can Be Used On Mobile!)

mobile-forms-manage-devicesPreviously, the site was not particularly mobile-friendly… while building a form is likely to always be easier on a computer than on your phone, the new dashboard is responsive, making it much more useable from a phone or tablet!

Improved New Destinations Page


One of the parts of setting up a new account that new users seem to struggle with most is adding data destinations. Our new data destinations page is designed to improve the process by making it clear what your options are from the first moment that you click on the page.

Rather than choosing your format first, you can now choose your destination and then your format, and it’s much clearer that there are 2 parts to the process to help eliminate any confusion about how to set these up.

Excited? Stay Tuned!

We’re still tweaking the design, so these aren’t the final screenshots, but we expect to have the design finalized soon so that we can begin beta testing it by the end of February.

Assuming the rest of the design process and the beta tests go smoothly, the new design is likely to roll out in March!

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  • Looks great!

  • Sven

    When is the new UI going live?

    • Dusan Babich

      Are you on our beta list? We can enable for you account right away, but we’re rolling out more broadly soon.

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