MS Word Connector Available


 MS Word Connector Now Available! 


With this latest connector, Microsoft Word is another document format you can convert your form data to. Images and signatures get embedded right into the document!

Best of all, our MS Word connector allows you to upload your very own Word template with some defined lookup fields, kind of like an old-school mail merge. We’ll merge all your data and e-mail a great looking document, exactly to your specifications!

Defining fields is simple, but we’ve included a reference document with your specific form’s fields on the connector configuration page like so:




Fields are very much like our current e-mail connector template fields:


Note that repeat group data is also supported. By default this data will get rendered as a table:


You can also configure the data to render as a list by using a pipe operator:


NEW: If you don’t like the default size of an image, sketch or signature as sent from the device, you can simply resize it with the following syntax:


For example, to resize the field signature to 250px x 150px, insert this into your template:


Pretty simple hey?

Coming soon to the MS Word Connector:

  • Convert to PDF This is supported now.
  • Support for repeat group data This is supported now.

Hope you enjoy using the new connector. As always, we’ve love to hear your feedback.

Happy collecting!
– Device Magic Team



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  • Luigi

    sorry i cant udnerst how i use a scaled immage on word template

  • Josh

    Can’t figure out how to have a default value if a question is not answered when it is conditionally invisible

  • mikew

    Hi Josh,

    If a question is not visible (or is irrelevant), then it’s answer is not submitted from the device to our server once the user has completed it.

    If you have a particular issue you’re looking to solve, please drop us a line at and we’ll work with you to try and get it working.

    Kind Regards

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