Moving a Device Back to “Waiting Approval”

There’s a new feature we’ve added to Mobile Forms that gives you the ability to move an assigned device back to waiting for approval from the account user. In order to do this, all you have to do is go to your “Devices” page.

Once there, you will see the “configure” button next to each assigned device.


After clicking on the “configure” button next to the device you would like to edit, you will be taken to the “Edit Device” page, where you will see the option to “move back to waiting approval”.




When you click on this link, a dialogue box will appear. Click “OK”.



Clicking “OK”, will take you back to the “Devices” page where it will show you that the device has been unapproved (you will see this notification bar at the top of the page…)



(…and you will see that the button next to the device gives you the option to approve again).


You can change back and forth between approving and unapproving as many times as you wish, but keep in mind that each time a device is assigned to an account, charges are going to be incurred.

This is yet another way to gain flexibility with your account – allowing you to tailor Mobile Forms to your needs even more!

For more information and screenshots, check out the article “Move Device Back to Waiting Approval” in the Help Center. And for more information on billing, check out the Billing FAQ article here.

Any thoughts or questions? Let us know in the comments below!

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