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Create and Send PDFs From Your Phone

Posted by Brett Long

man generating pdf from phone with Device Magic

Many industries rely on their phones and tablets over their desktop computers and laptops. Teams that work remotely or on-the-go leverage their mobile devices to get work done outside of the office. If you need to create a PDF from your mobile device, you’ve come to the right place. Device Magic offers a way to easily create a professional PDF right from your iPhone or other mobile device. Here’s how:

Building Your Form

Building a PDF on your mobile device is easy with the Device Magic custom form builder. Our intuitive app allows you to choose from a standard template or to create one entirely from scratch. Simply drag and drop to add, remove, and re-order text fields, formula fields, images, geo-tagging, bar codes, and more to your form.

Here’s a step-by-step video on how to use Device Magic to create custom forms:

You can preview the form as you work and customize each field to fit your needs.

Create Your PDF

You can create a PDF on an iPhone or other mobile device in less than ten minutes with Device Magic’s custom form builder. Here’s how to design your custom PDF in six easy steps:

  1. Create a Device Magic Account (Try It For Free)
  2. Launch the Form Builder and select New Form
  3. Choose a template form or start from scratch
  4. Add fields to the body of the document like date, customer details, work items and more with our simple drag and drop interface
  5. Follow the step-by-step directions to set up quantities, prices, taxes, calculations, grand total expressions, and more
  6. Save! Then Select PDF Destination and upload your customized word template.

Watch this video for a helpful tutorial:

Customization Options

With Device Magic, you can customize how your PDF will look when it is delivered. In addition to customizing each item in the form, you can also change the look of the header, footer, and branding to meet the needs of your company. You can make your PDF resemble your original paper form or create an entirely new layout.

Share Your PDF

Once you’ve created your PDF template with Device Magic’s Form Builder, you can easily share your document with full control over where your data goes and how each recipient can use it. With the Device Magic PDF Destination, you can export your mobile forms and send them to recipients as a customized PDF. For a full tutorial to guide you through how to share your forms as a PDF, click here.

Storing Data

Once a form is completed, Device Magic’s innovative software can deliver the data from your submitted forms to your existing CRM, project management, or other online tools via an XML or JSON data delivery format. This eliminates the need to re-enter data over and over again in multiple systems, streamlining your data collection and business processes.

Try Device Magic for Free

Device Magic allows you to easily create custom PDFs and have full control over who can see them, edit them, save them, and share them. Start your free account today to easily create and share professional PDFs from anywhere, at anytime.

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