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How Barcodes and Mobile Forms Transform Data Entry

Posted by Miranda Cheatham

barcode scanning forms on mobile

For many businesses, barcode technology plays a crucial role in the deliverability of goods and services. Whether you’re performing a facility inspection, a safety equipment check, merchandising product, or tracking shipments—barcodes provide a database worth of information on a single item. When leveraging barcode scanning capabilities with mobile forms, one scan can dramatically transform the way your team collects information.

Using your Mobile Device as a Barcode Scanner

The Barcode Field, in its simplest form, allows users to scan an item’s barcode (using the built-in camera on their mobile device) and extract the information into text format in a form field. The field will then display the corresponding numeric combination associated with the item, saving users time spent entering lengthy characters and human error associated with manual data entry.

The real magic of the barcode feature occurs when users reference preexisting data from an Excel sheet, Google sheet, or other database resources. When uploading an exhaustive list of assets, inventory, or product information to your Resource files, you simultaneously equip your team with the same access, right at their fingertips. When you give your users access to pick-lists of information, they can narrow down selections and expedite form completion while you receive more accurate data in return.

By using the lookup function of a resource with the barcode field, scanning a single barcode can automatically pre-populates fields with corresponding cells. No more missing line items or re-entering information before submitting forms.

You can easily recreate, upload, or delete data when scanning existing barcode labels. Users can scan barcodes and quickly determine when the next time an equipment asset needs to be serviced or replaced, or what aspect requires further inspection.

Because digital forms are inherently smarter than paper-based alternatives, they can be formatted with conditional logic specific to an asset, so users are answering the right questions about the correct item, every time. With barcode scanning, your team can significantly reduce time spent filling out form fields.

Check out more reasons why you should implement barcode scanning in your mobile forms below.

Benefits of Barcode Scanning and Mobile Forms

  • All-in-one solution. Mobile Forms and Barcode Scanning exist in the same application meaning no additional third-party scanners are required. Users can scan directly from their mobile device and finance teams can reallocate funds for other projects. Because the application exists across iOS and Android platforms, employees can leverage their personal devices, saving more time and investment.
  • IT team not required. Administrators logged into the Management Console can setup barcode workflows with ease using the drag-and-drop form builder. Device Magic’s intuitive user interface makes it possible to seamlessly create workflows and connect your existing tools, without an IT expert.
  • Auto-Fill, all the way. When a tech needs to go back out to a job or do a task again because it was incomplete or incorrect the first time, it costs your business time and money. Preventing errors and finding ways to reduce reworks will keep projects moving forward on schedule and allow you to get more done.

Each mobile form feature offers its own unique approach to transforming how you collect data. Consider how using the barcode scanning feature in your data collection process can streamline work for your team.

See why administrators and mobile users alike choose Device Magic for their teams. Create your free account today to test the power of barcode scanning and digital forms.

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