How To Download Submissions Into Excel From Device Magic

Did you know…

With Device Magic’s Online Storage you can export your data to excel? 

While we can’t automatically update the excel file you keep stored on your computer, sending data submissions to our online storage allows you to download an excel file whenever you need it.
Dashboard for downloading Submissions

To set this up…

First, you need to make sure you’ve set up our online storage as a destination. To do this, navigate to your forms page, and find the form you’d like to use. Click on the “change destinations” button for that form and make sure that has been set up (want to see a video? Click here).

Once you’ve done this, you can access your online storage submissions from the destinations page.

how to set up online storage
Clicking on “View submissions” on this page will take you to the page pictured above, which will enable you to download your data in an excel file.

How to Keep Your Excel Formatting When Adding New Data

The biggest downside to this method of exporting data into Excel is that each time you download your file you’ll lose your formatting within the document itself.

Depending on the complexity of the information, the simplest work around is to make sure you keep the columns and information in the same general order as it was in when you originally downloaded it.

Then, when you download new data in an un-formatted Excel file, you should just be able to copy-paste it into the formatted document and keep your hard work!

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