How to Set Up Data Destinations with Device Magic

data destinations
No one loves paperwork. But paperwork does offer certain advantages—that anyone can use it and it doesn’t cost very much. But it has one very important limitation.

Paper can only be in one place at one time.

That means if your team is collecting information on site at a job, that piece of paper needs to be manually delivered back to the office before the information they collect is accessible by your office and administrative staff.

It means there are opportunities for the information to be lost and that if the data collector has sloppy handwriting, it can make the entire process futile.

Making the switch from paperwork to mobile forms can help solve all of that—and with Device Magic’s destinations feature, you can collect information anywhere (even if when you’re offline) and then, next time you have internet access, your data goes right where you’ve told it to, with no extra work from you.

So, where can you tell your data to go?

Where does the data go?

With Device Magic you choose both the format and where you would like us to store your data—we call this the data’s “destination.”

One of the really neat features of Device Magic is that each of your forms can actually be set up with multiple destinations. That means if you’re using an expense report form, you can simultaneously send an email to your boss to have the expense approved, add the data about your purchase to a spreadsheet in Google Drive where you’re tracking all your expenses for the month, and send a PDF copy of your completed form to your company’s book keeper via a shared Dropbox folder (or via email, if she prefers).

Device Magic offers 7 destinations:

  • Email – Have your completed form responses sent straight to your email address, your customer’s email address, or another email address of your choosing as a PDF, Text, MS Word, or XML file. Images can also be sent via email.
  • Box – Send data straight to cloud storage provider Box. Our Box integration supports PDF, XML, and MS Word files. Images can also be sent to Box.
  • Dropbox – Or, if Dropbox is your cloud storage provider of choice, you can choose to send data to your Dropbox account. Our Dropbox integration supports PDF, MS Word, and XML files. Images can also be sent to Dropbox.
  • Google Drive – If you’re a heavy Google user, being able to send data straight to Google Drive is a major plus. Here at Device Magic Google Drive is an indispensable part of how we manage information, so our Drive integration supports PDF, MS Word, and XML files, as well as spreadsheets and images.
  • Amazon Web Services (S3) Account – If you prefer Amazon to Drive, no problem—we’ve still got you covered. Our Amazon integration allows you to upload data via PDF, MS Word, or XML files. It also supports images.
  • HTTPS – If you need your data to be submitted to your website or a URL, our HTTPS destination allows you to send up an XML file.
  • Dispatch – Finally, we also offer a “dispatch” feature. So you fill out a form and then it sends that form with the data you input out to another device owned by a user attached to your account. Need to share a customers name, phone number, and address with your team while they’re on the road? This feature will let you do that—and then they can use that form to fill out additional job-based information.

How to Set Up Your Form’s Destinations

If you have any questions or need any additional assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team—they are absolutely excellent and love to help!

And if there’s a destination you want that you don’t see here, email us and let us know—we’re always working on new destinations so that you can access your data where and when you want it. 

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  • Great video!

  • Maria José Corona

    ¿Where are all the pictures captured through the “Image” field stored?

  • dusanbab

    Maria – this is configurable too! You can have your images stored with Device Magic, (your) Google Drive, Amazon S3, DropBox or Box accounts.

    If you are using an e-mail transport this wouldn’t apply at all.

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