Custom Application Branding

We’ve got new releases on each of the app stores, and one of the great new features we’ve added is the ability to customize the branding of each of the applications.

Some configuration on the server (colors, a logo, and an icon), and all of the devices in your organization running the latest clients will update their UI to adopt your brand.

Pictures say it better. Here’s what the iPhone and iPad clients look like with a custom Vandelay Industries theme:

Android with the same theme:

And BlackBerry:

Notice how on the middle BlackBerry we’ve even changed the application icon on the home screen to the custom one you provide. (Unfortunately not possible on iOS or Android.)

What does the theme consist of?

Two colors, light and dark:

 A logo:

 An icon:

 Hope you guys like it.


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  • Graham

    hi, this looks great what else has been added, and how do you setup the branding i can see anything on the setup pages


  • Navmee

    When is out on the iPhone app store – I cannot see it?

    Many Thanks

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