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Create Your Own Business App with Device Magic’s White Label Solution

Posted by Kirstin Meyerhoeffer

Device Magic White Label Solutions

Companies of all sizes and industries often toy with the idea of creating their own technological solutions, whether in the form of smaller one-off fixes or larger projects like complex software applications. At Device Magic, we deal with customers weighing the decision to utilize a third-party app or devise their own data collection program on a day-to-day basis.

To be blunt, unless you’re a technology company, hiring external developer expertise just doesn’t make sense. After all, developing the app is only part of the requirement. You also need to provide support and updates to keep up with the changes affecting your business, market and audience, let alone with those impacting devices themselves.

Luckily, we offer an option that, in the words of many of our customers, unites the best of these two worlds: white label. For those unfamiliar with the white label concept, it involves adopting and customizing a third party’s application, program or product with the purchasing business’ own design, logo and overall branding.

The advantages not only encompass visibility and an enhanced user experience, but directly correlate with higher productivity, profit and ROI.

Why Choose a White Label Solution?

One of the primary reasons many businesses elect for white labeling a product is to offer a consistent look and feel to all their processes and activity across channels. In short, using a white label solution allows a brand to generate an extension of itself. In turn, this creates a more fluid presence both on and offline, increases visibility and has a massively positive impact on user experience.

Device Magic customer Utilimarc provides mixed fleets with the right data and tools to make smarter business decisions. We sat down with Mike Nowak, Utilimarc’s CIO, to ask how he landed on Device Magic’s White Label solution for his team.

The natural fit for us was white label because we had very specific use cases that we wanted to solve, and also, our brand is already perceived in a very positive light by our industry. So, we thought ‘It’s going to be much easier to go this route,” Nowak explained.

With white label, companies like Utilimarc can add industry-specific terminology and branding directly to the app to make it their own. This creates a convenient, seamless experience for contractors, employees, and customers when they enter the App Store or Google Play to download the app. Over time, this translates into higher adoption rates, increased levels of productivity, additional opportunities for the business at hand, savings in both time and budget, and larger profit margins.

White Label Benefits Breakdown:

While the advantages of white labeling a product vary by business case, the following list encompasses some of the largest wins our solution provides.

Leverage Our Expertise

Device Magic data collection software is backed by over a decade of research and development. Our mobile forms app is top-rated in the iOS App Store and Google Play. Add our established application to your data collection strategies and processes without having to worry about logistics. We’ll set everything up for you in a matter of days, and you can lean on our dedicated support team for personalized customer service.

Add a Refined Product to Your Wheelhouse

Introduce a trusted, dependable and mature app without having to worry about maintenance or upkeep. The Device Magic application has routinely been tested, improved and optimized, making it a top-performing and established software solution. Like having an in-house developer without the cost, we’ll also take care of any troubleshooting, product updates or fixes.

Adopt a “Client-first” Approach

Cater to your user base by providing them with a better overall experience. Equipping users with an app that’s an extension of your business reduces the friction caused by additional steps, contracts, expenses and general confusion. In the meantime, you’ll increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Extend and Expand Your Brand

Give users the familiarity and dependability of the brand they already know and love (thanks to your hard work). Heighten your visibility and market presence across platforms like mobile, a channel that’s expanding by the minute, and give followers a reason to enjoy your product in a new space.

You Hold the Keys

Manage your application listing, as well as its presentation, customization and design specifics. In addition, you can control the status and evolution of your app based on your company’s needs and timing. This includes the ability to manage related updates and deploy schedules.

Save Time and Money

White labeling the Device Magic app allows you to reallocate the resources you would’ve spent on creating and maintaining an in-house solution. Maximize recurring profits by offering your customer and user base an app with top performance, user experience and security.

From happier users and customers to greater brand visibility and increased ROI, white labeling an application is the right choice for a plethora of businesses. As Nowak explains, “Customers really seek our experience with the specific workflows within their industry. And then Device Magic becomes this core platform that allows us to deliver this functionality. So, in a sense, we (both) act as organizations that implement this into their core systems.”

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