Configuring the Mobile Forms app by clicking on a link

Having people in the field type in their organization code and name can be a pain. Mobile Forms on iOS now supports it’s own scheme protocol, so you can send users a configuration link they can just click to initiate the device join process to your account. It looks like this:


When the user clicks this link (you can send it via text message, e-mail, a web link on an existing page, whatever) the app will launch and try and join with that information. You do need to URL encode the parameters though, so the actual link may not be as pretty. Here is an example where the two parameter values are:

organizationkey: VAN424

operatorname: John Doe


(for a simple online URL encoder/decoder, click here).

In the next couple of weeks we’ll be improving the built-in device invite facility found on your dashboard to use this scheme auto-config in the background, so each device invite, whether via text or e-mail, will have a clickable link that does this. We’ll still include the organization subdomain/key as a backup.


So why even document this feature? Well, if you need to onboard a large number of users in one go (let’s say more than a hundred), you may have a list of their e-mail addresses and full names from Active Directory or another directory server. With this feature, you could now easily generate custom config links for your users.


Tell us what you think – we’d love to hear your feedback in the comments.

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