Configuring Mobile Forms for Android by Clicking on a Link

Android phones

You may recall the post about Configuring Mobile Forms for iOS by clicking on a link. Now this feature extends to Android, too!

When you have people in the field, having them type in an organization code and name is frustrating. Mobile Forms for Android now allows you to send the people in the field a configuration link. By clicking on the link, their device joins to your account automatically!

The link looks something like this:


When the user clicks the link (which can be sent via text message, email, or any other digital medium) the app will launch and join the organization.

Of course, you’ll need to URL encode the parameters. So here is an example where the two parameter values are:

organizationkey: VAN424
operatorname: John Doe


With this feature, you can easily generate custom configuration links for your users (for a simple online URL encoder/decoder, click here).

Now, if you need to get a large number of people to join an organization in one go, you can mass email the link to them and bypass all the time-consuming work that could be involved.

Useful don’t you think?

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