2 New Things You Can Do With The Sketch Question

The ever-popular Sketch question has 2 new features! Click the play button on the short video above to see these new features in action. These features are:  – Draw on an Image (you can take your own photo or select one from an album) Use this feature to upload an image and draw on it with the pen! Insurance Claim Damage Report Image Cropped 1 Example of it in use: Writing up a damage report of a car for an insurance claim – you can take a picture of the car and use the pen to indicate the damage (as seen below). Insurance Claim Damage Report Image Cropped 2 – New Pen Colors (now there is a range of black, red, green and white) Use this feature to draw on backgrounds of any color or to color-code aspects of the image! Insurance Claim Damage Report Image Cropped Example of it in use: Continuing with the example mentioned above – you can change the pen color when drawing on the different areas of damage to indicate damage from a previous accident that was not repaired and damage from the current accident. Insurance Claim Damage Report Image Cropped 3 The uses for these new features are boundless – limited only by your imagination! Contact us if you have any thoughts you’d like to share or any questions you’d like us to answer.

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  • Anonymous

    My forms on my galaxy note does not look like the the new sketch as above please help

    • Gabriela Morris

      Hi Anon, unfortunately the new sketch question features are not available on Android just yet.

  • Patrick

    Love the sketch feature! It is the primary tool I use. I use the annotated photos in my reports. I have 2 requests/suggestions. I am using the pens to great use, but the circles and arrows I draw are not the prettiest things in the world. I was wondering if an “arrow” pen and a “draw circle” type of option could be implemented? The second suggestion would be to add a caption (text box) to the photo as well. Thanks again.

    • Gabriela Morris

      Hi Patrick, thanks for the great suggestions! I will pass them along to the production team. We’re very happy to receive such positive feedback about this feature.

  • Alex

    I’ve added the sketch question to my form, but my iphone only gives the option to sketch amd erase. There’s no tools button. What am I doing wrong?

    • Gabriela Morris

      Hi Alex, do you have the latest version? If you’re unsure, then check the app store for an update.

      • Alex

        Yes I had the old version! Works now. Many thanks.

        When will this be available on Android?

        • Gabriela Morris

          Hi Alex, we don’t have a release date just yet, but keep checking our twitter page @devicemagic for updates regarding this.

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