Turning Paper Forms into Mobile Forms VISUALIZED.


Real-time data capture from the field to the office. Offline mobile data capture. Going paperless. There are plenty of different ways to describe what a mobile forms solution does for an organization. But you know what's easier than describing something? Showing. Check out this new infographic we put together that illustrates just what Device Magic can...

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Destination Rules: An “IF/THEN” workflow for data delivery.

Destination Rules Rule. I love talking with our clients and one reason why is the great feedback on feature requests. One of the most frequent requests I've heard over the past 6 months was for the ability to trigger a certain Destinations only when a specific answer was chosen in a form. A simpler way...

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Automate Your Workflows Across Departments with Dispatch.

What is Dispatch? Dispatch is a feature in the Device Magic Enterprise plan that allows you to complete two different functions. Send a partially completed form to a device for final completion. Setup a workflow to complete a single form with with multiple versions as part of a workflow. That second feature allows you to...

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Too many options? Filterable Select Questions to the rescue! Part II of II.

How to narrow down results for easy and quick selection. In part I of this II part blog post, I covered what Filterable Selection Questions are and how they can be used. In this post, I’ll take you through a step-by-step process of how to set up Filterable Select Questions using the Device Magic Form...


Device Magic and Podio: Streamlined Workflows in the Office & in the Field

We like to say that Device Magic makes it simple to collect and submit things that were complicated before. That's why we love working with other products that help users' lives easer. One of those products is Podio, the customizable project management solution that allows teams to work smarter. Podio gives all the things in your daily work life...

Too many options? Filterable Select Questions to the rescue! Part I of II.

How to narrow down results for easy and quick selection. More and more, Device Magic clients are utilizing their own business data and integrating it into their Device Magic forms. One specific way we're seeing this is customer data being uploaded as an Excel file as a Resource and used in a Select Question. Just...

Save Time & Build Workflows with the Newest Device Magic Features

How to Save Time & Build Workflows with the Newest Device Magic Features

At Device Magic, it's our goal to make it as simple as possible to collect data wherever you are in the world. And while we think we've done a pretty good job helping organizations streamline their processes and ditch their paperwork, there are always ways to make life even easier for our users. That's why we've...


Is a mobile form solution right for your business?

With mobile devices becoming more and more prevalent across the business world, it’s easy to forget about our old friend, paper. Remember paper? You used to physically write on it, then store it for future reference. For lots of businesses, becoming paperless isn’t so easy. For one, their business has always used paper, so transitioning away...

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Do More with Destinations: How Zapier + Device Magic = Max Efficiency.

  One question we get at Device Magic a lot starts with "do you integrate with….". Thanks to our Zapier Destination, the answer more often than not is "yes!" If you're unfamiliar with Zapier, it’s a way to easily transfer data between different apps and automate workflows, moving data between your web apps automatically. A...

Blast-hole drilling of stone quarries.

How a drilling and mining company replaced 2 week delays with real-time data capture.

  For more than 45 years, General Drilling, Inc. has provided safe, reliable, expert solutions to the blast-hole drilling needs of stone quarries. Their fleet of over 29 track and truck-mounted drill rigs service quarries in Indiana, Kentucky, western Ohio, eastern Illinois and northern Tennessee. In late 2014, Gus Diehr, Treasurer and CFO of General...

Mobile Forms & Surveys enable Offline Data Collection

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