Industrial grade mobile data collection

Device Magic is a professional mobile app and web app that allows your teams to complete forms and collect data anywhere, anytime. Our smart forms app helps you to quickly retrieve accurate data, flag critical issues, reduce data entry errors, validate answers, add conditional logic, and more.

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Mobile Forms With Proven ROI

Mobile forms eliminate unnecessary administrative time. Let's reduce the data entry errors, incomplete forms, and operating costs that hurt your business’s bottom line.

  • 50 %

    Reduction in data entry errors

  • 10 Hours

    Average administrative time saved per week

  • 11 Hours

    Average field teams time saved per week

Seamless data collection starts here

No more lost or incomplete forms. No more piles of chicken-scratch paperwork waiting for data entry. No more waiting for critical information to reach the right people.


Work smarter. Not harder.

Use the #1 platform engineered to excel on your most important industry tasks. Device Magic helps businesses run better.

  • Maintenance


    Submit maintenance forms from anywhere with Device Magic. Build custom digital forms for maintenance checks to complete on tablets and mobile devices in the field.

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  • Safety


    Perform job safety analysis forms and checklists on mobile devices. Submit and log safety information in your backend systems. Improve safety standards by tracking accurate workplace safety data.

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  • Inspections


    Build custom inspection forms to complete on mobile devices with Device Magic. Use smartphones and tablets in the field to capture inspection information, and submit inspection reports instantly.

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  • Quality Control

    Quality Control

    Mobile forms allow staff on the floor or in the field to input & track data from quality checks. Build custom forms for recurring quality reviews & checklists to be completed on smartphones or tablets.

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Keep the workflows and data formats you depend on

Seamlessly integrate your own data systems with Device Magic. Completed forms can be routed in numerous formats to the proper people or systems.

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