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Send submission data to almost any web application using Zapier.

Zapier is another destination Device Magic users can utilize to send their forms’ submission data wherever they need it. Zapier is a way to easily transfer data between different apps. Using Zapier, you can build a link between two services to manipulate your data however you need to.

Make your data work for you.

Device Magic customers have used the Zapier integration to:

  • Create new QuickBooks Online customers from Device Magic Form
  • Save their Device Magic forms to Evernote
  • Create WordPress posts from Device Magic Forms
  • Add rows on Smartsheet for new Device Magic submissions

The options are nearly endless. With Device Magic and Zapier, enjoy the flexibility of sending your data wherever you need it to go and do whatever you need it to do.

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Check out a few ways users are already leveraging Device Magic and Zapier:

  • dm-google
  • bridgestone
  • dm-ricoh
  • dm-urs
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