Mobile Apps & the Construction Industry


  Mobile apps have long since evolved from social media and addictive games. Today, businesses rely on them to keep their workforce flexible and lean. The construction industry is no different. More and more often, construction businesses are turning to mobile apps to help them save time and money. Why do the same job more...

Save time and money

How a restaurant equipment service company is becoming a paperless office.

Think about all those restaurants you pass each day on your way to work. Fast food, breakfast, coffee, local bistro. They all have equipment designed specifically for them. And when they need servicing, they call professional service companies trained to install and repair these pieces of equipment. Companies like Restaurant Equipment Service Group. Restaurant Equipment Service...


The power of automation: Dispatching forms from your existing apps.

No matter what industry you’re in, chances are you’re using more than one platform or application to get work done. You’ve got an app for finance, one for customer relationship management (CRM). Maybe you’re using a time management app and a project management app. The fact is, you use lots of apps and they all...

Device Magic is an official Box Platform Pro Parter.

Device Magic is a proud new member of the Box Platform Partner Program.

Whenever we talk to people about using mobile forms, one thing they always bring up is the need for an easy and secure way to deliver their data. Collecting it is just the first step. Ensuring it ends up where they need it to go is step two. That’s where great services like Box come...


The Device Magic Blog 2.0

Whew! It sure has been awhile since we last fired this thing up. The good news is the Device Magic blog is back! And we're striving to be better than ever. "Hey! Nice to hear from you again. You know, it's been a long time since I read a new post from you guys. What types of things...

Video: Going Paperless

Going Paperless? How to Take Charge of Your Paper Problem

Struggling to go paperless? Teams are mostly likely to actually use paperless options when those options making doing their job faster, easier, or less tedious—so, how can you ensure that your switch to paperless is something your employees eagerly anticipate instead of dread?

Icon bureaucracy

3 Things Mobile Forms Can Do That Paperwork Can’t

"Going paperless" is an idea that really took off in early 2008, but despite the 7 years that have passed since, it's still one that few businesses have managed to realize. Should you? What are the benefits to making the switch to mobile forms?


7 Killer Mobile Apps To Help Field Service Businesses Gain A Tech Edge

There are an array of mobile-device applications that can improve the service experience for both field service representatives and their clients. So, besides Device Magic, what other applications make life in the field, as well as communication with the office, easier?Here are a few that have caught our attention to help your business go paperless.

Old fashioned Kodak camera

What Kodak Can Teach Us About Avoiding Failure

In its hey-day Eastman Kodak was huge: it employed 140,000 workers at its height, and in 1996 it was ranked the fourth most valuable brand in the United States, behind Disney, Coca-Cola and McDonald's. But in 2012 Kodak filed for bankruptcy. So, what happened during those 16 years?

Coming Soon Sign

Sneak Peek: New Device Magic Dashboard Coming Soon!

In December we updated our Form Builder, making it easier to use and improving the drag and drop function, the expressions and conditional editor, and making it tablet-friendly. Today I'm excited to share that we've been working on another update—this time a new look for your mobile forms dashboard and interface. We've made an number of improvements with the goal of a more useable, useful, and visually consistent design.

Mobile Forms & Surveys enable Offline Data Collection

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