Moving a Device Back to “Waiting Approval”

Moving a Device Back to “Waiting Approval”

There's a new feature we've added to Mobile Forms that gives you the ability to move an assigned device back to waiting for approval from the account user. In order to do this, all you have to do is go to your "Devices" page. Once there, you will see the "configure" button next to each...

Device Magic Johannesburg Office Manager

Device Magic Johannesburg Office Manager

Our rapidly-growing, international startup is looking to hire an office manager in a half-day position at our Sandton office. We’re looking for: Someone comfortable doing administrative things, including paperwork, ordering supplies, getting coffee/lunch, booking travel etc. Aspires to be more than someone’s PA. Extraverted, personable & great telephone manner with customers, investors, partners, employees. Relative...


Add Custom Attributes to Your Devices

  The custom attribute feature is the ability and option to add extra information about each device that is connected to your account. For example, you are able to add a permanent phone number, country, manager name or any other information that is unlikely to change and that is specific to a particular device. The...


tools4dev Reviews Device Magic’s Mobile Forms

tools4dev, the resources, reviews and how-to's provider for international development professionals and aid workers, just recently did a review of Device Magic's Mobile Forms. Have a look and see what tools4dev has to say about the product; how it can be used, the pros and cons, and also the costs involved. Some great feedback and...


New Sketch Features Now On Android

Remember that post about the Sketch Question's new features? Well, now those features are available on Android! Just to recap, the new Sketch Question features are: - Draw on an Image (you can take your own photo or select one from an album) You can use this feature to upload an image and draw on it...


Configuring Mobile Forms for Android by Clicking on a Link

You may recall the post about Configuring Mobile Forms for iOS by clicking on a link. Now this feature extends to Android, too! When you have people in the field, having them type in an organization code and name is frustrating. Mobile Forms for Android now allows you to send the people in the field...


BYOD in the Workplace: Pros & Cons

There’s a new trend that is making tracks in the working world: The BYOD trend. If it hasn’t hit your company yet, it may only be a matter of time before it does. The “Bring Your Own Device” trend is all about companies allowing employees to bring their own devices to work to be used...


Save Your Completed Forms in the Field & Upload them back at the Office

Did you know that Device Magic’s Mobile Forms app can save numbers of submitted forms while you're in an area with no network connectivity? Did you know it can then upload all these forms simultaneously when you go back online? Well, now you do. And it’s true. This means that, when you spend the day...


Using the Time In & Time Out Calculations On Your Forms

Calculating billable hours is a truth in any business. You want to know how many hours were worked, how much money was made and how much of that money will end up in your pocket – those are questions to which everyone wants the answers! Now, whether the calculating is done using a pen and...


2 New Things You Can Do With The Sketch Question The ever-popular Sketch question has 2 new features! Click the play button on the short video above to see these new features in action. These features are:  - Draw on an Image (you can take your own photo or select one from an album) Use this feature to upload an image and draw on it...

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