New Features have arrived! Reorderable select lists, publicly accessible files, and more.

New Device Magic Features

Here at Device Magic we're always working on small tweaks to make it easier for you to collect the data you need and easily create great mobile forms. Today I'm excited to share a few improvements our development team has rolled out in the last week.

Skeptical businessman looking

Team Resistant to New Technology? You’re Not Alone.

Is your team resistant to change? If so, you're not alone. New technology has led to a wide range of benefits—from saving money to saving time—but it's almost never introduced without either serious planning or some resistance.

New Mobile Form Builder

Introducing the New Mobile Form Builder (making it easier than ever to build mobile forms)

Last week we shared a sneak peek of the new mobile forms builder—this week you can actually log in and give it a try! With the new mobile form builder our focus was on ease of use and making the process of building forms for your smartphone or tablet more intuitive. Read more to learn how you can enable it in your account and give it a try today.

inputting data into a computer

Mobile forms vs. Mobile Friendly: What’s The Difference?

Is there someone on your team who is bogged down by paperwork? They spend their time filling out paperwork... and then either typing or scanning that same information into a computer later on? Imagine instead if they could just fill out that information once, on a smartphone or tablet, and the information would be sent directly where it's needed most. That's the power of a mobile form.

Coming Soon Sign

Sneak Peek: New Form Builder Coming Soon!

It's been over a year since we last updated the Device Magic Form Builder... and we decide it was time for an upgrade! Until now, our focus with our form builder has been mostly on function—and so our form builder is getting a facelift!

Are mobile forms for you?

Wondering If Mobile Forms Are For You? Find Out.

The most obvious way that mobile forms boost productivity is by taking existing paper processes and eliminating the time spent re-entering information on a paper form into a digital system. This allows mobile forms to boost productivity significantly. But they can also provide a number of other compelling benefits. For example, there's the story of one Device Magic customer, who...

BYOD White Board Company Policy Bring Your Own Device

Trick or Treat: Both Sides of the BYOD Story

Once upon a time... managing electronics in the workplace was simple. There was a typewriter and a phone on each desk and when people left the office, work was done for the day. It's hard to imagine a scenario more different from that than where we are today...

data destinations

How to Set Up Data Destinations with Device Magic

With Device Magic you choose both the format and where you would like us to store your data—we call this the data's "destination." Each form can have multiple destinations and each forms destinations can be unique. Device Magic offers a total of 7 different destinations. That means...


Behind the Scenes: How To Use Mobile Forms to Boost Productivity

Let's be honest. You dream of a system that makes handling your paperwork effortless... No more mistakes caused by manually inputting data. No need to write the same information in multiple places. No inconsistencies caused by different people collecting data in different places. And that's possible... with a little help from Mobile Forms.

Polaroid Camera for before and after shots

The Shortcut to Using Before & After Photos (without the hassle)

We've all seen them—those cheesy infomercials promoting a diet product or a new teeth whitening solution. Before and after photos are a marketing standby and have been for a very long time. But why?

Mobile Forms & Surveys enable Offline Data Collection

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