ROI Calculator

Curious to see how much you can save by eliminating paper forms? Use this interactive tool to estimate the return on investment of transforming your data collection process with Device Magic.

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Paper Costs

Typical cost is around 25 cents per paper form.

Time Spent Delivering Paper Forms

Time Spent Manually Entering Data

Time Spent Correcting or Searching for Data

Job Write-Offs

Total Annual Costs

Paper Costs: $
Form Delivery: $
Data Entry: $
Data Tracking/Correction: $
Business Write-Offs: $
Total Annual Costs: $

Estimated annual cost is based on Device Magic’s Professional plan. Contact for information on volume discounts and Enterprise Plan pricing.

Device Magic Annual Costs ⓘ

Annual Costs Per Device/User: $300
Total Annual Costs: $

Yearly ROI

Total Annual Savings: $