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Fast, Efficient Data Capture Made Easy

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Productivity Matters

Mobilize your workforce and get field data in real-time with Device Magic

Mobile forms web app dashboard and form builder

Manage Forms, Devices, & Data in One Spot

Build mobile forms, create new Destinations, access submission data, and add devices all from an easy to use online Dashboard.

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Native Android & iOS Mobile Forms App

Connect your team's devices and start collecting form data, images, signatures, and locations instantly with our mobile data collection app, even offline.

Device Magic Mobile Form Workflows and Automation on multiple devices

Create Workflows with a Single Form

Deliver photos to your Dropbox account, push a text message to a supervisor, and email an invoice to a customer, all by hitting “Submit” on one form.

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All-in-one solution to mobilize your business

Enhanced Data Collection

Faster, safer and more secure than paper. Collect data from any off-site or remote job location with offline forms. Equip your teams with the best electronic forms software for data collection.

Easy to Use Mobile App

Our native iOS and Android forms app makes completing digital forms easier than paper. Fill and answer yes/no, multiple select, and free text questions. Capture locations and signatures, scan barcodes, collect photos and create sketches.

Build Custom Forms & Processes

Recreate custom web or paper forms for mobile devices, or build completely new ones with the drag-and-drop form builder. But don't stop there; build entire processes for collecting forms and sending data to other business applications and storage locations.

Custom Data Destinations & Automation

Integrate Device Magic with business systems like Dropbox, Salesforce, and Sharefile. Customize your form output by having your submitted forms delivered to your selected Destinations as a Word Doc, custom PDF, JSON or XML.

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"Device Magic helped us to reduce a lot of paperwork. Instead of our employees carrying 5-7 different paper forms around they use their phones. It also gives office staff immediate responses which means we can work at our own pace and not wait for the forms to be mailed in from our different locations."

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"Transformed our business, helped us create our own field app. I love the user interface for creating our own forms. We've created an incredibly complex form, where only certain sections even show based on the answers to previous questions. The interface on the field collection time is great too, and keeps getting better."

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