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Real-Time Mobile Data Capture for Podio

Real-time mobile data capture.

Podio is the business management platform that allows teams to work smarter. Podio gives all the things in your daily work life structure to help your team work better; less distractions, less confusion – more focus and clarity. When you combine the power of Podio with Device Magic’s offline mobile data capture features, your team quickly becomes a streamlined, flexible force of nature.

Device Magic integrates seamlessly with any Podio Premium account. With Device Magic, you can use all the data you have in your Podio apps to create and send your team custom mobile forms that they can complete on the job, without an Internet connection.

How it works.

When you sync your Podio account with a Device Magic account, all of your existing Podio apps instantly become mobile forms available on any mobile device.

When a form is completed, the data is immediately entered into your Podio account. Plus, any new Podio apps you create automatically become mobile forms, available on your connected devices.

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