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Mobile Forms FAQ

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Have questions about how to build, budget, or utilize mobile forms and their features?
Welcome to our mobile forms FAQ.

What are mobile forms?

Mobile forms make it possible for companies to collect and submit data on mobile devices. Mobile forms replace the process of gathering data on paper forms like reports, audits, or inspections and delivering the paper form from the field to the office for further processing. Mobile forms applications, such as Device Magic, are designed for smartphones and tablets and allow for the creation and submission of forms with multiple types of data.

Want to know everything about mobile forms, plus a little more? We aim to answer all topics surrounding “what are mobile forms?

What is the difference between mobile apps and mobile forms?

Mobile forms and mobile apps are not the same thing. Mobile forms are part of a mobile forms app, and are the actual forms a team will use to collect data. A mobile app is how you access the Device Magic software on a mobile device.

Once you’ve created a form using the web-based form builder, it will be available to complete by your organization’s users in the Device Magic mobile forms app on their devices. Multiple forms can be stored and completed within the app, so your team will only need to download one app and connect to your organization.

What are the benefits of using mobile forms?

In a recent survey, 78% of businesses said that they plan to use mobile forms more in the next year. These are some of the top benefits businesses have experienced by using mobile forms.

  • 71% of businesses gain access to accurate data sooner
  • 67% of businesses save administrator hours
  • 63% of businesses lower operations costs

Reducing paper consumption, or going paperless, is another benefit of using digital forms.

Can you only use mobile forms on a smartphone?

Mobile forms are designed to be used on any mobile device, including smartphones and tablets like iPads or Android &iOS phones. If there is a web version of the software, forms can also be completed on a laptop or desktop. Device Magic Online Forms can be used to complete forms from a computer's web browser if the user's plan includes Online Forms.

Accessing and Using Online Forms

Do I still need a paper copy of my mobile forms?

Mobile forms eliminate the need for paper forms and can easily be stored in the cloud or your company’s CRM, project management or other database for future reference, so there’s no need for a duplicate paper copy.

What do they cost?

Mobile forms are typically sold to businesses as a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution on a per-user subscription basis. Mobile forms usually cost between $20 and $50 per user per month when paid annually. Free versions of mobile forms apps are available with limited functionality. Custom volume-based mobile forms pricing plans can be set up for larger organizations.

What is Device Magic?

Device Magic is a mobile forms software and data collection app used by thousands of organizations worldwide every day. We make it easy for organizations to eliminate paperwork, improve data quality and increase efficiency by using mobile forms for data collection and delivery.

What platforms can I use the Device Magic forms on, and where can I download it?

Device Magic has native forms apps for both iOS and Android:

ios app icon  iOS - Mobile Forms

android app icon  Android - Forms

The Device Magic mobile forms app can be download in either Google Play or the Apple App Store.

Is it true with mobile forms that you need to be connected to the Internet or have cell signal?

Nope! Device Magic mobile forms are fully functional whether or not you have a connection, so no matter where you are, you can collect data and submit your forms. Collect data from any job site with offline mobile forms.

What happens to your data if you don’t have a connection?

You can collect data and submit your forms as usual using the Device Magic mobile forms app. The information will be stored until connectivity is regained, and then will continue to the selected Destination; you don’t have to do anything else.

How do I create digital forms and get started using Device Magic?

Once you’ve downloaded the app and created your account, you’ll need to start building your forms. You can build a form from the “Forms” tab in your Management Console. Selecting the “+New Form” button will take you to the Form Builder. Drag and drop question fields into the builder to create your form. You can see a preview of your form in the mobile Form Builder Preview.

Once your form has been built, it will be available to complete on your mobile forms app. From within the app, you can select the required form and complete the questions. The form can be submitted by clicking the blue checkmark button at the bottom and then confirming the submission.

How can I connect devices to my organization in Device Magic?

On the Devices tab or from your Management Console, you can use the “Invite Device” button to add a device to your account. You can send the invitation through text or email. The device will then receive instructions for joining your organization.

You can also connect to an account directly from the app. After downloading Device Magic in the app store, you’ll be asked if you want to create a new organization or join an existing team. Select the option you need and follow the instructions to get set up.

Do mobile forms look different from paper forms?

While the actual form being completed on your mobile forms app won’t look exactly like your old paper form, you can create custom PDFs that match your paperwork. Once a form is filled out and submitted on a mobile device, it will look like your original paper form and can be easily emailed to a client or supervisor, or saved to your records database.

You can design how the PDF will look when delivered by creating and uploading a template with the customized question order, image size, your organization’s branding, and even font size and color.

PDF/Word File Customization

Can I use my organization’s branding on my digital forms?

Custom branding allows you to add your company logo to the mobile forms app for all of your organization’s devices. This feature is available by request for Enterprise plans.

Alternatively, you can create custom PDFs that include your organization’s branding when delivered.

Can you only send data to one place?

Actually, the Device Magic mobile forms solution has many destinations available for the data from forms. So you can send data to whatever systems you need. You can even set up workflows so that the data in your form goes to different spots: send photos to Dropbox, email a manager a PDF of the completed form, add data to an Excel sheet, and more, all by submitting a single form.

Setting up Destinations

What are Destinations?

Destinations are the endpoint for your submission data. This is where all of the information collected in your forms will go. When you set up Destinations for your forms, you can customize what format data is delivered in, as well as send data to the systems you’re already using, such as your CRM or project management tool.

What are Integrations?

Integrations allow two way data flow between Device Magic and 3rd party software. Device Magic has built Integrations with many popular platforms to enable you to send digital forms data to your existing systems. Whether it’s photos from the job sent to Dropbox, a completed inspection form delivered as a customized PDF, or sales data sent to Salesforce objects, it can all be delivered to the platforms you use as soon as it’s collected.

What is a Resource and how can I use it?

Resources are files you can upload into your Device Magic account to reference and utilize during the Form Building process. For example, you can upload a list of email addresses as an Excel file to use as Select List question options. You could also upload an image of a floor plan to use as the background of a Sketch question or upload a product manual as a PDF file in an Attached File question for your team to reference while they are out in the field.

Ways you can use Resources in your mobile forms:

  • Attached File Question Type
  • Select Options From a Resource
  • Background on Sketch Questions
  • Repeat Group Data Binding
  • Lookup Function for Calculated Questions

How does Dispatch work?

Dispatch is a feature that lets you send forms with pre-populated data to notify employees in the field or on the road of new tasks. You can send a partially completed form that includes the job site and other key details to any of your connected mobile devices; when your tech arrives, they finish filling out the form and submit it.

Instead of a tech needing to come to the office to pick up paperwork for a new assignment, or calling to give them the details, a notification with the necessary form and information is sent directly to their mobile device. You can also create workflows with Dispatch, that will send versions of the same form to different users and can be set up to be delivered to several Destinations.

What if my mobile device runs out of battery or gets lost?

With Device Magic Online Forms, you can access all of the same forms as you can on your mobile device from the web browser on a laptop or desktop computer.

Online Forms allows your field team to fill out their forms from a computer, or for staff in the office to fill out forms unique to their job function or department right from the computer they already use. This is especially valuable when you have company-wide forms so you can standardize your digital processes across your entire workforce.

How can I track my submissions?

You can see a summary of recent submission activity in your Device Magic Management Console using the Submission History Graph. This graph can be filtered by specific forms or devices, and shows you the average number of submissions for a selected time period. You will also receive an automated weekly account summary report by email.

What is Analytics?

Analytics is a feature within Device Magic that allows for further insight and data visualization for collected forms and reports. Available for qualifying Enterprise accounts, Analytics allows users to analyze data with custom charts inside the Management Console.

More About Analytics