Wondering If Mobile Forms Are For You? Find Out.

Are mobile forms for you?
The most obvious way that mobile forms boost productivity is by taking existing paper processes and eliminating the time spent re-entering information on a paper form into a digital system.

This allows mobile forms to boost productivity significantly. But they can also provide a number of other compelling benefits.

For example, there’s the story of one Device Magic customer, who routinely works from the field.

He’d fill out paperwork at the job site and then he’d get a call from the office the next day. They needed to know what he’d put down on a form, because they couldn’t read his messy handwriting.

Switching to mobile forms allowed him to share that same information with the office without the potential for errors that “guesses” about what he’d put down caused. And he’s not alone.

Below are a few of the other less-talked-about benefits of mobile forms.

The (Other) Benefits of Using Mobile Forms to Boost Productivity

  • Never Run Out of Paperwork Again.

Using mobile forms ensures that you never run out of a form or show up at a job site just to realize you left the paperwork you needed behind.

Rather than needing to check and restock your supply of paperwork, doing things digitally means the right form is always right there, on your phone or tablet, when you need it.

  • Eliminate Lost Paperwork.

If paperwork seems to mysteriously (but routinely) go “missing” when field workers fill it out while on the job site, mobile forms can offer significant benefits.

Since the entire process is automated, employees no longer need to keep track of paperwork; once it’s filled out it automatically uploads to the cloud the next time they have signal and the data is immediately accessible from the main office (this is also true if you need to track expenses; just snap a picture of each receipt and then toss it!).

  • Never Be Backlogged Again.

If waiting for paperwork to make it back to the office leads to a backlog of data entry work, mobile forms can speed up business processes and increase efficiency.

Because they start out digital, there’s no need to scan documents in or enter them manually into the system. That means data is accessible more quickly and “paperwork” no longer means “bottleneck.”

  • Fill out one form, not 10.

Because mobile forms allow you to send information to multiple destinations, one form can be used to collect information that is useful in several different ways.

For example, a form that includes a question about time spent on a project can track employee work hours and generate an invoice for a specific customer.

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