Add a Description to Your Saved Forms

New to the Device Magic Forms app is the option to add a description to your saved forms.

This will make it easier for you to see what each saved form is about. It will also help you tell the difference between different versions of the same forms that haven’t been submitted.

Here’s a scenario to illustrate this:

George spends his day gathering information about car accidents from clients. He enters each client’s information on a Device Magic Mobile Form.

Before this feature, George struggled to tell one form from another without opening the form itself – this can be very time consuming.

Then this feature was released, which makes George’s job much easier! Now he can write a short description while saving each form to help him identify one from another with just a quick glance.

I’m sure you think this is useful… I know George thinks so!


Now, if you have a look below you can see the options that appear when you press the “Back” button once you have opened a form.

Description Take 2

Next you can see the space provided to add a description to a form.

Description Take 2 2  Description Take 2 3

Once you have added a description and saved it, it will appear as you see on the Demo iPhone under “Saved Forms”.

Description Take 2 4

One last thing – the description, along with the form, disappears from your forms list after submitting the form.

Remember to let us know what you think!

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  • It would be good if this saved description could become the title of the emailed form or the emailed subject line for easy identification of the form.

    • Gabriela Morris

      Hi Glenn, excellent idea! I will pass it along to the product team.

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