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“Using Mobile Forms, ATIO was able to replace an error-prone and time-consuming process involving paper and laptops with an electronic form and BlackBerry devices

Applying Mobile Forms to RF site survey, ATIO built a complex form to collect textual, geolocation and imagery data about prospective tower sites. Using the HTTP Connector, ATIO was able to receive form data and update their internal systems in real time.

With this solution and the gains it brought us in terms of speed and accuracy, we were able to finish a survey project ahead of schedule and gain a real competitive advantage. It's allowed us to estimate project timelines more accurately and win more business away from competitors.”

— Tony Smith · Operations Executive · ATIO

“Device Magic made it dead-easy to automate our waybill and shipping paperwork with a minimum of time & cost. Now our mobile fleet can collect relevant data and have it reflect real time back at the office.

We have completed the developmental phase of the Device Magic custom software application for our Direct Discharge and Vessel Operations.

This application empowers our Field Operation Clerks with the ability to capture, manage and submit data in real time as discharged material being loaded to our trucks for transport. The benefit to ourcustomer is the ability to receive real time updates (via email, SMS or theweb) as trucks are loaded. Customers also have the ability to track critical or time sensitive material (if needed). Finally, with this improved continuity of data, any receiving yard can be integrated into this flow information to as well.

For us this application is a huge leap forward in the industry giving us the ability to keep a constant and accurate running balance of material to be received as well as material that has shipped.”

— Stephen Byrd · Logistics and Operations · Xxcell Freight Systems

“Device Magic was the perfect solution for our client and a great App.

We had a client who needed customer registration forms that their field staff could use on the go and at events. The forms had to work both online and offline as they were not sure where and when they would get a connection and that is where Device Magic came in to play.

We scoured the web for a quick and easy solution for the Samsung Galaxy Tabs our client had bought - and we found it!

Device Magic was easy to install and we were up and running within minutes on each device. Device Magic’s support team were also second to none. They responded in very timely manner and were able to solve issues efficiently.

I cannot recommend this product enough – Brilliant!”

— Kunjnita Patel · Head of Digital · TC Communications

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