Device Magic makes it easy to create and distribute mobile forms to teams and devices… and saves the world from paperwork, one customer at a time.

Our online web-based custom form builder makes it easy to create mobile forms that collect exactly the data you need—then connect a smartphone (iPhone, Android, or Blackberry) or tablet (iOS or Android) to fill out your mobile forms and collect data.

Our customers use Device Magic for checklists, surveys, inspections, audits, job reports, site reviews, trip logs, pre-project reports, project wrap ups, equipment checks, and so on.  We have customers around the world that range in size from Google and LEGO to your local HVAC contractor.

Device Magic not only reduces paper waste, it also improves data quality, integrity, and security.  We also make it simple to collect and submit things that were complicated before — like photographs, audio recordings and bar codes.  And our enterprise integrations and workflow features make it easy to automatically build workflows and communications rules that keep your team and your clients in the loop.

And because we capture everything through your mobile device, you don’t have to deal with the hassle of processing and organizing thousands of pieces of paper — this means a happier team and a healthier planet!

Career Opportunities at Device Magic

We're hiring a fulltime UI/UX designer in Cape Town, Johannesburg or Raleigh-Durham...

We’re looking for someone to join our team and own lead generation at a Director or possibly VP level. You will also be required to move prospects ...

The Sales Development Representative (SDR) will play a core role at Device Magic. Your primary job will be to execute outbound sales programs for our inside sales reps. This means that you’ll spend most of your time assisting with prospect research, managing email outreach programs, responding to prospect inquiries and booking meetings for our team.

Device Magic is hiring an Android software engineer! You’ll work on our primary Forms Android app, which is a critical part of what the company does. The position is ...

Mobile Forms & Surveys enable Offline Data Collection

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